ANJC on the Hill

  • Monitoring and interacting with legislators and insurance carriers to ensure carriers provide proper and accurate coverage for chiropractic patient services.
  • Work to eliminate “Silent PPO” reductions. Many times these silent PPO’s are hidden and the provider is unaware that they are part of the network and that their fees are being reduced even further.  ANJC is working to curtail these practices.
  • Stop virtual credit card abuse. Carriers and others are paying chiropractors with virtual credit cards (VCC printed on EOB).  Provider must then process through their credit card machine incurring card fees.
  • Creating a private cause of action to sue insurance carriers. Strengthen 17B Legislation.
    • 17B:27-51.1 Reimbursement for Service of Chiropractor – Notwithstanding any provision of a policy or contract of group health insurance, hereafter delivered or issued for delivery in this State, when’re such a policy or contract provides for reimbursement for any service which is within the lawful scope of practice of a duly licensed chiropractor, a person covered under such group health health policy or contract or the chiropractor rendering such service shall be entitled to reimbursement for such service when the said service is performed by a chiropractor.  The foregoing provision shall be liberally construed in favor of reimbursement of chiropractors.
  • Continually monitor positive and negative legislation that impacts chiropractic in NJ