Back the ANJC PAC: Where There’s a Purpose, There’s a Way

Jun 21, 2024 | ANJC News & Updates, PAC & Legislative Updates

By Dr. Donald Antonelli, ANJC PAC Leadership

The first few months of this year have been a whirlwind!

From the usual practice responsibilities to an April overseas trip to Italy to pay respects at an uncle’s funeral, to quickly coming home for the 2024 ANJC Annual Conference in early May, there has been much to attend to in a mix of unexpected bittersweet and expected, rewarding professional reunions.

At the conference, behind the table at the ANJC PAC booth, it was fantastic to shake hands with many of you, accept pledges to the PAC, and share what we are actively up to as an organization—both in the communities where we practice and at the state level.

It was a significant gathering as we celebrated our 20th year as a unified ANJC. It was exciting to be honored with visits over the weekend from the incredible likes of the legendary Dr. Terry Yochum and an inspiring visit from Senator Vincent J. Polistina, sharing his applause and commitment to our organization. Both their visits were an excellent way to see our full-circle chiropractic purpose in action, both from the tremendous efforts of people past and present—which, combined, carry us to a successful future.

I also enjoyed the moments we had to honor chiropractic contemporaries in receiving their 2024 ANJC Annual Awards: Chiropractor of the Year to Dr. Victor Rossi, ANJC Board President, Trail Blazer Award to Dr. Peter J. Scordilis, CCSP, Board Service Award to Dr. Joseph D’Angiolillo & Board Service Award to Dr. Daniel Fuzer.

As we gather again in Atlantic City on May 16-17, 2025, I look forward to giving you a favorable face-to-face report on how much more we’ve accomplished through the rest of 2024 and into the following year as a PAC.

We are making chiropractic a priority for lawmakers.

This year and beyond, the ANJC PAC is actively focused on building substantial, two-way relationships with lawmakers for the long-term benefit of the chiropractic profession in New Jersey.

As the legislature rotates over the years and new generations become our new congressional leaders, it is our responsibility to re-engage continually so that we can share how, where, and why we’re affected by laws, regulations, and rulings as chiropractors.

One of ANJC PAC’s highest priorities focuses directly on Trenton to drive legislative issues that best serve all NJ chiropractors in their everyday practices:

  • The ANJC PAC utilizes funds continuously to meet legislators at their legislative fund-raising functions to create opportunities to discuss, explain, and show which particular chiropractic issues are essential and should be supported.
  • We also work to educate legislators on issues that may harm our patients or potential patients.
  • We fight for improved access to chiropractic care, reduced insurance exploitation of patients, and against insurance company bias and inequities.

Without the dedicated, continued backing of donations to the PAC, our work stops, our reach diminishes, and the hard-fighting work we’ve accomplished in the past has a chance at being eroded.

You can’t put a number on your purpose.

The value of chiropractors can’t be labeled with a price, as our influence is unmeasurable regarding the positive change we bring to patients’ lives. So, the time is now to give and give BIG to match the impact of our purpose. Infinite!

Stated simply, the time is now to donate to the ANJC PAC to help support chiropractic patient-friendly legislators who will work to stop abuses against our patients and profession.

Backing the ANJC PAC is a chance to support not only your own personal involvement in chiropractic but also the livelihoods and dedicated passion of your fellow chiropractors, too.

An investment in the PAC is an investment in all of us, so please consider giving today.

With much respect for my chiropractic colleagues,
Dr. Donald Antonelli

About the Author:

Dr. Donald Antonelli practices at Antonelli Family Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Center in Union, NJ.

He is an ANJC member and volunteers to lead and grow the ANJC PAC. Antonelli Family Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Center has been helping athletes and families recover from injury for almost thirty years and is recognized as a top-rated practice in Union County. Uniquely qualified, stellar patient care is a top priority for Dr. Donald Antonelli & Dr. Frank Halter at the practice.