Make Your Voice Heard: A Call to Action from Senator Cryan’s Visit

Mar 27, 2024 | ANJC News & Updates

Last week, we had the privilege of hosting Senator Joseph Cryan at ANJC HQ, a productive fundraising event organized by the ANJC PAC. It was an inspiring evening that brought together a dedicated group of colleagues for a unique opportunity to engage directly with one of New Jersey’s key legislators.

Senator Cryan emphasized the importance of proactive engagement with our legislators and urged us to assert our influence. “Your voice matters,” he said, encouraging us to reach out, educate, and inform our representatives about the vital issues affecting our practices and our patients. This direct interaction is crucial in ensuring that our concerns and the value of chiropractic care are understood and prioritized in the legislative process.


The ANJC PAC advocates for pro-chiropractic legislation that:

  • Promotes parity rates for chiropractic services
  • Combats silent PPOs & unauthorized repricing
  • Ensures fair reimbursement within our Scope of Practice
  • Elects candidates who support a pro-chiropractic agenda
  • Celebrates the success of the 2024 fee-free payment method legislation

It’s imperative we stand together to support chiropractic patient-friendly legislators who will fight against abuses to our patients and profession. The ANJC PAC is on the front lines, driving legislative initiatives that serve NJ chiropractors in their daily practices.

Let’s build on the momentum of our successful event with Senator Cryan.

Your contribution to the ANJC PAC will empower us to continue this vital work and ensure that chiropractic voices are heard in Trenton’s halls: