b'Executive Directors UpdateWELCOME!Nicholas Kreiger LEGAL Q&AFrancyne Labriola INSURANCE Update INSURANCE UpdateExecutive Directors Update By Amy Boright Porchetta, CFREUchenna Onyeani ANJC Executive DirectorChristopher PepitoneBrian Rector As I write this, from my home office while our nation is being greatly impacted by Covid-19, it is hard not to Carey Skorski Legislative Updatethink of how our normal lives changed in a matter of a INSURANCE Update INSURANCE Update few days. As much of the country is working from home, Brian Wallace MedicareQ&A our doctors do not have that choice.Through this public health crisis, the ANJC continues to be sure that our doctors, their practices, and their patients are top priority. In a rapidly evolving situation, we have stayed on the pulse of these never before TM encountered circumstancesalerting our doctors to MedicareQ&AMedicare Updateimportant screening mechanisms, sanitation guidelines, and safety measures for their health as well as the health of their patients.Additionally, we are providing members with webinars Member support of the ANJC Political Actionand opportunities to engage with our experts with topics Committee allows the ANJC to continueranging from Small Business Disaster loans and grants to furthering our profession while protecting yourCovid-19 specific FMLA regulations, to what doctors can work on now in their practices in order to bounce back right to practice as a chiropractic physician. once everyone is moving out and about again.We ask that you donate towards the ANJC PAC While we are facing the Covid-19 issues, we are also so that we may continue fighting for the tackling legislative priorities, legal issues, and general rights of chiropractors.member serviceall remotely and without missing a ANJC PAC supports legislators who defend thebeat. As we continue to serve all of our members, it issues and interests of our patients and ouris important to know that ANJC will always rise to the occasion in supporting the profession and we will make profession. available as many resources as possible to assist our PAC initiatives include: members and patients through this trying time. We urge all NJ-licensed chiropractors to join us now, as our unity isGreater patient access to chiropractic care what will see us through these challenges. Improved public relations In an effort to assist the entire chiropractic profession, we will open our virtual summit up to non-members toVeterans benefits to access chiropractic careensure that every doctor is receiving first-class continuingOpening Workers Compensationeducation. for chiropractic care Thank you to our members, for trusting us to leadStopping improper denials of your care through this crisis. We will weather this storm together, by payers come out stronger on the other side, and continue to be the premier chiropractic association in the nation.And much more!To make an easy online donation, visit:associationdatabase.com/aws/ANJC/pt/sp/pacwww.njchiropractors.com I 5'