b'Your Practice CHIRO AssistLEGAL Q&A By the Numbers By Lori W. Allen New PatientsDay One appointmentsinitial fee-for-service visit.Legislative UpdatePre-scheduled AppointmentsThe total number of visitspre-scheduled for the following week. T otal Patient VisitsThe total number of fee-for-service TECHNIQUE Councilappointments; does not include consultations. Missed AppointmentsTotal number of missed orcanceled appointments.Rescheduled AppointmentsThe total number of missed or canceled appointments rescheduled in the same week. Reactivated PatientsA returning patient who has not OUR HEALTHbeen in the office for 90 days or longer. ServicesTotal production.CollectionsTotal revenue collected, including over-the-Statistical tracking and analysis are two of the most important, and two of my favorite tools for gauging andcounter monies and insurance payments.achieving practice growth. And I promise that by the endDepending on the services you offer in your practice, you can of this article you will feel the same way too. You can have aadd to this list to include specific modalities and services such as visceral feeling that things are going well in the practice; butmedical appointments, physical therapy rehab visits and units, with properly kept, tracked, and analyzed statistics, you willacupuncture, weight loss, massage, DME, etc. You can even KNOW when things are going in the right direction, or whentrack specific providers appointments to measure individual aspects of the practice need attention for improvement.productivity. Numbers dont lie. Statistics are vital, but how you USE themEveryone is responsible for their own statistics, but the Daily/is just as important as how accurately you record them. TheyWeekly Recap Sheet should be kept and maintained by the are the data you need, and they tell a story to guide you tofront desk. So, at the end of each day the front desk records practice success. Recording your statistics is only the firstthe statistics for the day, and on the last day of the week the step. Putting them in a file, binder, or spreadsheet is notstats are tallied. Youll use this as a basic stat sheet to gauge allowing statistics to be the valuable tool they are meant toyour daily progress toward your weekly goals and to drive be. We need to use the statistics we track.your stat discussion at the daily, morning huddle. Once the I find many practices do keep and record statistics, but whenstats are tabulated and graphed, they are used at your weekly I ask a question about a specific statistic, they must go to thestaff meeting to gauge successes and create action plans to file or spreadsheet and look for that stat. A statistic must beimprove down stats and maintain up stats. Each staff member owned and understood. As I stated earlier, it is the necessaryis responsible for reporting her own statistic at this meeting. data to assist in achieving the desired outcome as well asStaff members should know them, own them, and report the meeting and exceeding goals. Everyone must be aware of thepositive actions that attributed to reaching or exceeding the practice goals, as well as individual and team goals so thatdesired goal, or report an action plan for improvement if the everyone understands how to grow, maintain, or improve instats are below the desired goal. specific areas. This is a visual representation of accountabilityWhen the system of statistical tracking and analysis is put, and and is a valuable, useful tool to measure and maintain thekept, in place, you have the power of true knowledge and self-team-managerial accountability dynamic.accountability in your practice. You are no longer relying on Stats may differ from office to office, depending on thefeelings, opinions, or optics. You have hard data with which you services you offer and the scope of your practice. Herecan manage efficiently and powerfully manage your practice. are several stats that every practice should absolutely beYour entire staff is able to understand how their daily actions tracking. These stats can be tracked on a daily/weekly recapaffect the practice, and it is truly a gift to them to know what sheet (the general statistical tracking form). is expected, how they are measuring up, and how to achieve their and the practices goals. Keep those graph lines going up!These key stats are: ConsultationsThis is an initial no-charge visit. Not allLori W. Allen is a practice management expert and owner ofpractices offer consultations, but if yours does, you mustProfitable Practice Strategies, a Premier Supporter of the ANJC. track them. Visit her website at http://loriwallen.com.20 I Spring 2020 www.anjc.info'