b'ANJC NewsANJC News! Do you want to become aNUTRITION Chiropractic Specialist?By Dr. James J. Lehman LEGAL EASENMSM Diplomate Program to be Offered by UBCC through ANJCThe University of Bridgeport (UB) developed thetraining programs in the world for chiropractors. Harnessing Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine course out of need tothe convenience of on-demand learning, this programREHABtrain and credential chiropractic physicians to becomedramatically reduces your time away from home or office, and medical providers within Federally Qualified Health Centersyour travel expenses. With over 10,000 hours and $2.5 million in Connecticut during 2012. UB developed an innovativeof development, the Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Online program, which partners with state chiropractic association.Training Program (NMSM Online) now sets a new standard Hence, your association has decided to offer 50 hours ofin online clinical education. As a doctor, you learn through advanced clinical training to its members within your state. clinical experience. Your clinical day is not topic-based, its As third-party reimbursements continue to shrink,LEGAL Q&Aproblem-based. A diagnosis doesnt walk through your Executive Directors Update healthcare reform calls for a new payment system baseddoor, a problem to be solved does. Your day doesnt run to upon value rather than the number of procedures. Aa syllabus, its what comes through your door next. So, chiropractic physicians value improves with enhancedthis is exactly how weve designed the NMSM online. It is diagnostic skills, which lead to appropriate, high-quality250 hours of simulated clinical practice that covers the types care of patients suffering with acute and chronic pain dueof presentations that you must confidently diagnose and to neuromusculoskeletal conditions. The University ofmanage as a neuromusculoskeletal specialist. Learning is most Bridgeport offers this post-doctoral program, a Diplomateeffective when new information is immediately applied in the in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, in order to augmentLegislative Updatecontext of solving a patients problem. INSURANCE Update There are different types of online learning activityeach your differential diagnostic skills and provide a higher level of credentialing. The University of Bridgeportsemphasising a different knowledge area and skillset. Superior Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine course is designed to reducediagnostic skills are the mark of a specialist. So the Diagnostic your opportunity costs while augmenting your clinical skills. Drills will challenge your current clinical thinking skills and take The initial 50 hours of seminar training will be offeredyou through a methodical process for differentially diagnosing in New Jersey by the ANJC. Five chiropractic experts,a diverse set of presenting complaints (such as dizziness, each of them Fellows of the International Academy ofinguinal pain, and headache or hand numbness for example). Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, will cover relevant topics forEach drill builds a just-when-you-need-it reference library of chiropractic specialists. Each class will offer evidence-baseddiagnostic algorithms to continuously refer to in practice. Medicare Update Being valued as a specialist is also dependent upon being and patient-centered, advanced clinical training, whichable to communicate like a specialist. So the CommunicationOUR HEALTHwill stimulate your desire to learn and add value to your evaluation and management skills: Drills will challenge your ability to handle tricky clinical 1. situations deftly. Each drill develops skills in explaining your Lumbopelvic Pathology and Related Neuromusculoskeletal Functional Deficits (10 hours)Tim Bertelsman, DC, CCSP,diagnosis and management rationale to medical doctors, FACOhelping you to speak and write with confidence and 2. authority when it counts. There are also video-based clinical Mastering the Assessment and Management of Shouldermasterclasses, which are simulated patient cases from the and Upper Extremity Problems (10 hours)Brandondoctors perspective. The engaging visuals are designed to Steele, DC, FACOmimic the real world, as if youre in the room solving the case 3. yourself. I strongly recommend that you check out our online Differential Diagnosis of Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions (10 hours)James Demetrious, DC, FACO advanced clinical training program by visiting our website: 4. Bridgeport.edu/nmsm.Whiplash Associated Disorders: The Pathway from Acute to Chronic Pain (6 hours)James J. Lehman, DC, MBA, FACO There are several ways to generate new revenue with 5. advanced clinical training and board certification or a Evaluation and Management of Foot and Ankle ConditionsDiplomate International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal (4 hours)Ed Glaser, DPM Medicine (DIANM). First and most importantly is the 6.Pain Management of Chronic and Neuropathic Conditions:provision of high-quality evaluation and management of Integration of Lasers, E-Stim and Ultrasound (10 hours) patients in pain. Once you complete the course and the Nelson Marquina, DC, Ph.D.diplomate examinations, you will be a board-certified The other 250 hours of specialist clinical education is offeredchiropractic specialist, which is appreciated by medical online via one of the most advanced and innovative onlineorganizations including Federally Qualified Health Centers, 12 I Spring 2020 www.anjc.info'