b'SPONSORED CONTENTTalking Innate Intelligence By Jennifer FrancoChiropractic table talk is an opportunitymuch of their lives. The one thing thatyou to review after adjusting hours to educate your patients aboutwe are in absolute control of is whatare complete. At which point you can their Innate Intelligence. This is awe put in our bodies as nutrition.make some notes and be prepared foundational principle that transcendsIt can be challenging to bring up afor some new table talk during their all modalities and healing techniquesconversation about nutrition duringnext visit. Its important that they dont because it is rooted in philosophy. Totable talk because it is one of the fewfeel judged about their sharing such a typical patient, R.W. Stephensonsthings where people feel they haveintimate information with you. It builds definition of Innate Intelligence may bemany choices. There are over 80,000honest rapport and a more committed, a bit archaic, but the message is neededcoffee drink combinations at the locallong term care patient. If you havent now more than ever. coffee shop or dozens of 0.99 fast foodreviewed patient food diaries before, The best way to remind a patient ofofferings and these types of choicesprepare to for the good, the bad and their infinite healing potential is to askgive us freedom. However, the numberthe ugly. This can be a great opportu-questions. Not simply, Whats the lastone, most common driver of systemic inflammation is digestive inflammation.nity to schedule a nutrition visit or refer movie youve seen? Or more commonly,What we put into our bodies and howto someone who can guide the patient How are you today? Try asking moreit is processed can move us one stepthrough a whole food-based diet.specific, thought provoking questionstowards health and wellness or one such as: Improving a patients nutritional status, step toward sickness and disease. Ifno matter how slight, is a great wayWhat did you have for lunch today? you find an opportunity to drum upto build momentum in their healingHow did you sleep last night? a conversation about their diet andprocess and nourish our Innate Intelli- Have you been doing your at-homenutrition, consider sending them homegence philosophy.with a follow up tool, such as:exercises?Asking these questions brings Toxicity Questionnaire Jennifer Franco, CN, ACN, is the owner/awareness to their current state of Systems Survey operator of Society of Wellness Nutritional health and reminds them of their active 7-Day Food Diary Systems, which helps to education and involvement in the healing process. OurOne of your team members can giveimplement nutrition systems into the goal is to help empower patients toand instruct the patient on how tooffices of Natural Health Care Practitioners. take healthy steps beyond the office,complete the handout. Have them fillTo learn more about what we do, please into their homes and communities.the Toxicity Questionnaire or Systemsvisit: www.sownutritionalsystems.com.Many patients feel out of control withSurvey out that day and leave it for SUPPORTS DISC AND CONNECTIVE TISSUE HEALTHTo order please call Bob Rosenberg 609-239-0358Visit us atwww.anaboliclabs.com26 I Spring 2020 www.anjc.info'