b'medical and chiropractic schools, hospitals and coordinatedchiropractic orthopedist enabled me to integrate the Lovelace care organizations interested in providing non-pharmacologicalMedical Center, Lovelace Health Care System, the University therapeutics for patients in pain. Finally, many of you mayof New Mexico School of Medicine and a Federally Qualified want to pursue medical/legal work as a chiropractic expert. InHealth Center in Connecticut. As a chiropractic specialist, I addition to the Diplomate in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine,was granted a faculty position at the University of Bridgeport you might want to pursue a sub-specialty of ChiropracticCollege of Chiropractic. I never expected my post-doctoral Forensics.training would provide me with so many opportunities.Most of the chiropractic specialists that I have taught haveJoin me as a chiropractic specialist. Millions of people inexpressed the number one reason they are taking this post- pain need you.doctoral training is to improve their clinical skills. A former colleague and chiropractic orthopedic instructor, Dr. RichardDr. James J. Lehman, DC, MBA, FACO, is Director of Community Ackerman, advised hundreds of his chiropractic orthopedicHealth Clinical Education and Associate Professor of Clinical learners that Diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. ISciences at the University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic. He completely agree with Dr. Ackermans statement. In addition, itteaches orthopedic and neurological examination and differential is my opinion that the ability to provide a differential diagnosisdiagnosis of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. In addition, he and provide high-quality, non-pharmacological chiropracticprovides clinical rotations for fourth-year chiropractic students and care is the key to a successful practice. chiropractic residents in the community health center and a sports The healthcare environment is rapidly changing because ofmedicine rotation in the training facility of the local professional baseball team. healthcare reform and the need to reduce costs, medical errors and cost of care. This program may secure your futureDr. Lehman developed the three-year, full-time resident training as a chiropractic specialist within your current practiceprogram in chiropractic orthopedics and neuromusculoskeletal situation or possibly within a coordinated care organization.medicine offered through the Health Sciences Post Graduate My chiropractic specialty training and board certification as aEducation department. ANJC Membership is ImportantNow More than Ever!The Association of New Jersey Chiropractors is one of the largest chiropractic associations in the nation,and certainly the strongest, with 1,900 members dedicated to improving the health of New Jerseys residents.Membership Includes Access to:Continuing EducationSuperior continuing education to strengthen your skills and expand your knowledge base delivered via live and recorded webinars as well as in-person seminarsConsultantsAccess to world-class consultants, with focus areas in coding, billing, legal andinsuranceAdvocacy & Legislationthe ANJC has a dedicated government affairs counsel pushing for the best interests of our doctors, their practices and their patients in TrentonThe ANJC is the only chiropractic association in the nation to offer its members the benefits above plus CE processing, transcripts, a marketplace, a member perks program, access to health insurance. The ANJC is proud to be able to offer all of these benefits, and more, all included in your membership dues.We continue to face each fight, day after day, to do what is best for our membership and the profession. Those fights include:Defending patient access to chiropractic care through campaigns and lawsuitsFighting for veterans access to chiropractic careHelping stop improper denials of your care by payersThere is strength in numbers. If you are not currently an ANJC member, please join us!Dont miss out on being a part of the greatest association in the country!Visit us onlinewww.anjc.info and click Membership to join today!www.njchiropractors.com I 13'