b'NEW JERSEYPUBLICATION OF THE ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY CHIROPRACTORS SPRING 2020IVOL. 16INO. 2A Spring to RememberThe Spring of 2020 most certainly will go down in historyThe webinars were recorded and are accessible on the as a time the world as we knew it changed drastically,website, along with links to state and federal guidelines practically overnight, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. and helpful information. We also have shared public As of press time, the governor of New Jersey had orderedrelations pieces and ideas to keep your patients engaged all schools closed, all non-essential businesses shuttered,and in touch.all restaurants to serve takeout only, and all residents to stay home except for food shopping, seeking medical attention or exercising outdoors. Social distancing and flattening the curve became buzzwords, protective medical gear became alarmingly scarce, and respirators and hospital beds became the biggest national concern.Congress appeared to be ready to approve a stimulus package that would include: $250B in direct payments to individuals $130B in funding for hospitals $150B for state and local governments $350B in loans to small businesses $250B in unemployment insurance benefits $500B in loans for distressed companiesAll of the uncertainty and restrictions resulting from the pandemic have hit chiropractic physicians especially hard. As small business owners or employees whose mission is to relieve their patients pain and help them be healthy and well, the pandemic presents especially difficult decisionsIn the midst of this, the ANJC flipped the switch to a new and questions. We understand this and are doing ourassociation management software program and website, best to help you adapt and find resources to keep yourwhich fortunately allows us to host virtual events. Head-practices afloat. quarters has been working behind the scenes to bring you The ANJC will continue to update you through emails,a virtual 2020 Spring Summit on the same daysApril website updates and webinars. Some of the first we25th and 26ththat we would have gathered in New presented featured telemedicine, new labor laws enactedBrunswick. You can attend from the safety of your own as a result of Covid-19, and Small Business Administrationhome and still earn up to 12 CEUs!disaster loans and tax credits for chiropractors.Continued on Page 41-800-LAW-2000 www.dsslaw.comNew Jersey andpractice strategies New York Injury Lawyers'