b'SPONSORED CONTENTADC: What It Is andWhy You Should Care We protect chiropractors,regardless of their philosophy.We protect chiropractors,Provided by OUM Chiropractor Program regardless of their philosophy.Youve seen the term Administrative Defense Coverage (ADC), but do you really know what it is and understand why its so important to your practice?An administrative claim is very different than a malpracticeContact us today for a quote claim. The primary difference is that ADC provides defenseand to learn why more chiropractors for board actions brought against you, whereas malpracticeare choosing OUM as their insurance provides defense and indemnity for liabilitytrusted malpractice insurance provider.actions.So why is ADC important? Because an administrative claim could cost you your livelihood. If a board revokes your chiropractic license, you would lose your ability to practice in that state. Your professional reputation could be irrevo-cably damaged and possibly end your chiropractic career. Let that sink in. Jennifer Collis, CICSenior Sales RepresentativeTake a look at what our ADC covers (its included in yourjennifercollis@picagroup.compolicy at $25,000 per policy period and in the aggregate): (800) 423-1504, ext. 2278Visit us at oumchiropractor.com Administrative disciplinary actionsMCO de-certification or contract terminationsActions brought by government payers such as Medicareor Medicaid Actions by state licensing boardsInvestigations involving billing and coding practicesHIPAA complaintsactions by the Office of Civil RightsPotential HIPAA matterslost or stolen medical records At any point in your career, you could be audited. Its always possible that the first appeal of an administrative claim will fail. But did you know you could be able to appeal a Medicare claim up to five times? Because we know how devastating an ADC claim can be to a chiropractors practice, we will be there for you at each of the five levels of appeal allowed.*Other actions may be covered, too. Check your policy for complete details. If you have any questions, call us! In fact, when you receive any noticelegal or otherwiseplease call your OUM Risk Management Department as soon as possible for a confidential consultation at (800) 423-1504, ext. 2107.*An appeal from a final disposition of an administrative action against the covered insured shall be considered part of an administrative disciplinary proceeding, provided that the covered insured has the right of appeal under any applicable law, statute, or regulation.OUM and OUM Chiropractor Program do not refer to a legal entity or insurance company but to a program or symbol of a program underwritten, insured and administered by either PACO Assurance Company, Inc. or Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA), both ProAssurance companies.www.njchiropractors.com I 29'