b'HELPINGLEGALThose in PainANJC NewsLeadership ANJC News! By Garry R. SalomonLEGAL EASEworkers started to experience serious back and spinal injuries while performing hard labor. As immigration to the United States began to boom, factories became inundated with workers, many of whom were foreign and were not properly trained or certified to use large and powerful machinery. Poor working conditions and overcrowding became an issue, which led to unsafe congestion on factory floors. Laws did not exist during this time to protect injured workers or their families, and unfortunately many LEGAL Q&Alost their lives or suffered catastrophic Executive Directors Update injuries. Severely injured workers could not receive compensation due to the lack of laws. If they could not work, they did not get paid.Journalists began documenting the hazardous work conditions that work-about gender, age, ethnicity, or religion. Pain can strikeLegislative UpdatePain is universal. It does not discriminate; it does not careing-class Americans and immigrants endured. Not only were workers faced with physical dangers, they also fell ill due to INSURANCE Update the lack of health codes, especially in slaughterhouses and anyone at any time, and at any place. Whether short length or long-term, pain is a worldwide concern and it affects billionsmeatpacking facilities. Unfortunately, children were among of individuals daily.those who were subjected to these perilous work conditions, Personal injury law is a common phrase, but how did it beginas child labor laws did not exist. Children as young as five and what exactly constitutes a personal injury? A personalyears old could be pulled out of school to work grueling injury is any kind of injury that was caused by the negligencehours for little or no compensation.of another person and that causes a physical injury and aAs accounts of these unbelievable hazards emerged, workers MedicareQ&AMedicare Update across the US began protesting. That outrage erupted and disruption in their lives, or the lives of their loved ones. This can be a physical injury, such as a broken bone, a herniatedreached its peak after the publication of Upton Sinclairs disc, a traumatic brain injury, and even emotional and mental1905 book, The Jungle, which described the horrific and injuries such as PTSD, depression and anxiety. dangerous work environment within meatpacking plants. The right to be compensated for personal injury is muchAs a remedy, states across the country created what is now older than one may think. The core model began to developknown as Workers Compensation Laws, with the state of in ancient times. In fact, as early as the first century, judgesWisconsin adopting the first such law in 1911. By 1948, every began allowing the injured to bring a cohort of people tostate in the U.S. created laws protecting the rights and safety court with them to assist arguing their claims on their behalf.of workers. Thankfully, many workers were able to avoid Those individuals arguing acquired a strong knowledge ofsurgery and the effects of heavy medication by finding relief the then existing legal system and at that time they werein chiropractic care. not allowed to charge for their services. This restriction wasGarry R. Salomon, Esq., is a partner of Davis, Saperstein & eventually lifted, and by the 4th century, a bar exam wasSalomon P.C., a Premier Supporter of the ANJC. He is Certified established to determine competence.by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney, a It is interesting to note that there is a parallel betweendistinction held by less than 2% of all attorneys. If you have any personal injury law and the evolution of chiropractic medicine.legal questions, feel free to call him at 201-907-5000. Both began to emerge around the same time, when many 24 I Spring 2020 www.anjc.info'