Executive Leadership Update: Maintaining Mid-Year Momentum

Jun 21, 2024 | ANJC News & Updates

By ANJC BOD President Dr. Andreas Skounakis & ANJC Executive Director Suzanne Corson

Each year often looks like a day’s ups and downs: a refreshed, positive start, a warmed-up, long-haul middle, and a reflective end.

The beginning of 2024 has given us much to be proud of, both in what we’ve accomplished and what we’re striving to achieve each day at the ANJC.

Our extra-packed year of educational events has already delivered dozens of CEU opportunities—and our ANJC Annual Conference at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City in May was one of jubilation, productive learning, and opportunities to connect and educate one another from differing experiences and practice perspectives. Your collective enthusiasm for our organization and chiropractic has set an encouraging tone for our planned upcoming activities.

Right now, during summer, we’re all in the long-haul middle part of the year—the days are longer, but busy distractions come at a faster pace. Whether juggling a household of job and vacation schedules, tending to patients’ needs, or remembering to refill practice inventory odds and ends, responsibilities seem to be endless.

So, during this last chunk of the year, before holiday breaks and short winter days, and with responsibilities at an all-time high, we invite you to do a daily personal check-in with yourself. As one who stands to care for many, help yourself first to help others—to keep up and maintain mid-year momentum.

During our meetings with the Board, staff leadership, committees, and individual members, we are continually grateful for the time and dedication that so many committed individuals willingly devote to the ANJC. As the year progresses, we know we will achieve even more, and our gratitude will only continue to increase.

For any member or individual on the sidelines, we invite you to participate with us!

Join us at in-person ANJC events, online via social media (@AssocNJChiro), and bring with you your needs, concerns, and readiness to learn and share. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question or suggestion, as we are always ready to incorporate and bring to life any feedback for the betterment of ANJC membership and the chiropractic community in New Jersey.

As we navigate the months ahead, we’re here to support you, your staff, and your practices.

Sending our best regards,

Dr. Andreas Skounakis, ANJC BOD President

Suzanne Corson, ANJC Executive Director
suzanne@anjc.info | (908) 722-5678, ext. 105