Board Spotlight: Converging for Chiropractic — Drs. Grossman & Baer

Jun 2, 2024 | ANJC News & Updates

The following is a spotlight on Dr. Jeannine Baer (ANJC Board Secretary) and Dr. Daniel Grossman (ANJC Board Central Regional Director), sharing their excitement for the recent ANJC Annual Conference.

What do you look forward to at the ANJC Annual Conference each year?

Dr. Baer: I really look forward to seeing all of my chiropractic peers coming together. It can sometimes feel isolating as private practitioners. I find it really inspiring to be with so many other chiropractic doctors who have a shared calling to the profession and the well-being of our patients. I also really enjoy staying up-to-date in all matters of patient care and treatment, which we learn through the great speakers and topics. And I appreciate the opportunity to visit sponsors and exhibitors face-to-face and determine what new products and services might help to grow my practice and improve care for my patients. The Annual Conference is a really power-packed weekend of chiropractic and that really gives me a boost for the rest of the year.

Dr. Grossman: I have to agree with Dr. Baer; while chiropractors treat and interact with dozens if not hundreds of people daily, it can feel like a somewhat lonely profession. The ANJC Annual Conference is the ideal opportunity for the chiropractic community to come together both logistically and collaboratively, broadening our collective worlds. I really enjoy the energy, enthusiasm, excitement, synergy, camaraderie, and the goodwill of our members, which I find so uplifting and inspiring. When we get together, great things happen.

As a board member, what are you most proud of as the ANJC celebrates its 20th Anniversary?

Dr. Baer: I am so proud of this organization and what it has done to improve patient health in New Jersey, advocating for our members and focusing on the caretaking of chiropractic. This 20th Anniversary is a reminder of all we have accomplished over the past two decades, perhaps most importantly, with many key scope issues accomplished in that time, but particularly through the pandemic as we were included as “essential” care with the State and the Department of Health.

Dr. Grossman: For those of us who remember the state of chiropractic in New Jersey prior to 2004, there were deep divisions within the profession. The formation and subsequent success of the ANJC has strengthened our profession, made our members more successful practitioners, and has improved access to care for our patients. I am incredibly proud of and grateful for the efforts of our members, leadership, Board of Directors, and all who have invested countless hours and sleepless nights building and elevating this organization to where we are today. We continue to build power, influence, and scale to benefit all practicing chiropractors in New Jersey, and I can only imagine where we’ll be in the next 20 years.

What has been the most rewarding part of leading the Conference Planning Committee as the group has developed the 2024 ANJC Annual Conference agenda and festivities?

Dr. Grossman: A few years ago, the ANJC Board of Directors set forth a goal to scale up our conference and transform it into one of the country’s largest and most engaging chiropractic conferences. Hosting the event in Atlantic City provides us with the opportunity to grow each year, welcoming significantly more attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. We created a destination event that offers resort-level dining, lodging, and entertainment options. I am so impressed with the ANJC staff, led by Suzanne Corson, the Board of Directors, the Conference Planning Committee, and all the ANJC members and support staff who have helped us plan and develop this event. It was amazing. We worked for months to ensure our 20th Anniversary conference was the biggest and best in recent years. Together, we planned an incredible lineup of speakers, experts, and chiropractic legends. We also expanded our Exhibitor Hall so attendees could meet with more services and resources to drive patients and revenue and offer networking opportunities for colleagues and friends to connect and share throughout the weekend.

Dr. Baer: We have so many talented and committed members, and I’ve enjoyed convening a group of volunteers who want to help the ANJC and our profession. As we look towards the future, we are “standing on the shoulders of giants,” as they say. I am proud to be a custodian and to be counted among them.

Save the date for next year’s
ANJC Annual Conference:
May 16-17, 2025


Dr. Jeannine Baer serves on the ANJC Board of Directors and is a licensed New Jersey chiropractor with 15 years of experience in the industry. She is a Certified MUA Physician (Manipulation Under Anesthesia) and a Certified Hospital Chiropractor.

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A 1996 graduate of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Dr. Daniel Grossman serves on the ANJC Board of Directors and is currently the only chiropractor in the U.S. on the Board of Directors of the Arthritis Foundation. A proud third-generation chiropractor, he is also the founder of Generations Physical Medicine, LLC, and Bell Wellness, LLC.

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