New WHO Guideline Endorses Chiropractic Approach for Chronic Low Back Pain

Jan 2, 2024 | ANJC News & Updates

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the vital role of non-surgical interventions in managing chronic primary low back pain (CPLBP) among adults.

In a significant development for chiropractic care, the WHO’s latest guideline focuses on treatments that can be administered in primary and community care settings—environments where chiropractors excel.

The guideline is a testimony to the effectiveness of non-surgical approaches, reaffirming the importance of the services provided by our licensed chiropractors. These recommendations aim to enhance health outcomes and the overall well-being of individuals suffering from CPLBP, including older adults.

This resource reinforces chiropractic’s commitment to non-invasive, patient-centered care. We encourage our practitioners to review these guidelines thoroughly to understand how the WHO’s recommendations align with the chiropractic approach to health and wellness.

To view the details of the WHO’s guidelines to incorporate into your practice, visit the link below:

Learn more from the WHO

For direct access to the guidelines document, download the PDF here:

Guidelines PDF

This endorsement from a global health authority is yet another milestone for chiropractic care. It empowers us to continue our mission to provide exceptional care and educates the broader healthcare community about the benefits and value of our profession.