ANJC sponsors are trusted business partners who have supported ANJC for many years. Their valuable contributions help us achieve ANJC's goals in serving membership and their patients. These business partners meet the highest standards regarding quality of products and services, and they are sensitive and responsive to the personal needs of our members. ANJC sponsors have a proven track record in assisting NJ chiropractors with reaching their individual practice goals and in staying on the cutting edge of the health and wellness revolution in their communities.

For all they do for ANJC members, you owe it to them to first take a look at their products and services before going elsewhere. Many offer substantial discounts and value-added services to ANJC members. Remember ... when you buy from our sponsors, you are supporting ANJC. It's that simple.

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Please call our headquarters at 908.722.5678 or email our Executive Director, Amy Boright, at amyboright@anjc.info