b'NEW JERSEYPUBLICATION OF THE ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY CHIROPRACTORS WINTER 2021IVOL. 17INO. 1Welcoming 2021 with Open Armsand Healing HandsThe infamous 2020 likely was the mostchallenge of patientschiropractic profession has promoted challenging year New Jersey chiroprac- who are not verya healthy lifestyle, exercise and good tors have had to face. Each practitioner,resilient in dealingnutrition. Now with the pandemic, it is and this association, had to be morewith the pandemic.our teachings and care that continue to flexible and forward-thinking than everEnsure that you, asbe invaluable to keep people as healthy to navigate, adapt, survive and succeedthe doctor, are takingas possible.in the most trying of times. steps to protect your own mental andDr. Rossi agrees. This will be a year Members of the ANJCs leadership teamemotional needs. As the saying goes,to grow our practices and take all the have shared some thoughts with you onYou cant pour from an empty cup. lessons we learned in 2020 to expand what they have learned, how we moveTake care of yourself. Your patients willour community reach. Doctors need to forward in the new year, and how eventhank you. think outside the box and make changes some good has come from the trials ofI consider 2020 thein our offices that welcome and draw the COVID-19 pandemic. year of introspectionnew patients, he said. There is so much With the coronavirusand adaptation,untapped potential for practice growth death toll topping 2said Dr. Victor Rossi,that many chiropractors arent willing to million worldwide,ANJC Vice President.reach for: Get involved in the community Many families haveOur profession isand your local civic associations and lost loved ones,demanding in many ways. Chiropracticmake yourself known; grow your practice businesses shutteredis academic. It requires fine and grossfrom the inside, using each patient and the streets reminded us of ghostmotor coordination, good communica- encounter to exude heath and make towns, said PR Committee Chairman Dr.tion skills, and a prowess in interprofes- patients want to refer to you! Reach for Andreas Skounakis. Within our profes- sional networking not required in manysuccess. Remain focused on excellence. sion, we witnessed colleagues struggleother healthcare professions. Chiroprac- Deliver only the best care! and ultimately close their practices. Manytors are resilient and perhaps the mostOften the panicked and were stressed with thedetermined and underutilized group ofuncertainty of crisis destruction of their livelihoods.professionals in health care today. can hone our focus, But challenges are not new. Chiro- This year chiro- sharpen our vision for practic, since D.D. Palmer, has facedpractors have athe future and reveal challenges to say the least, Dr.terrific opportunityimportant areas to Skounakis added. Chiropractors wereto help patientsmake change to sustain viability in our censored and faced jail time and blatantthroughout the stateindustry, said ANJC Board Secretarydiscrimination. Since then, we haveand to grow theirDr. Jeannine Baer.persevered. practices, said ANJC Legal CommitteeTo better weather a crisis, consider Chairman Dr. Steve Clarke. Patientsmoving away from a solo practice and Board President Dr. Jordan Kovacs saidincreasingly want and need care forentering into larger group practices to psychological resilience is imperative.their health problems, while minimizing We will be faced with the additionaltheir exposure to COVID. For years, the[ 2021 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 ]'