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Regs and Statutes


NJ Paid Sick Leave Act 
Statute establishing mandatory paid sick leave for all NJ employees.

New Chiropractic Scope of Practice
This is the full text of the expanded scope of practice for chiropractors licensed in the State of New Jersey.  The Act was passed in 2010.

Title 17 B Insurance Equality Act 
Statute which mandates that chiropractic be included in all fully funded, group health insurance plans.

The Health Claims, Authorization, Payment & Processing Act, full text.

Prompt Pay Statute
An excerpt from HCAPPA law specifically regarding the Prompt Pay rules

Organized Delivery System Statute
New Jersey statute governing organized delivery systems

Assignment Of Benefits Statute
New Jersey statute that dictates carriers must honor valid assignment of benefits from provider and remit payment directly to the provider. Note: applicable to fully funded plans only.