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Optum Leases Network to Zelis

Optum has agreed to lease its network to Zelis (formerly Stratose).  Zelis is a “health care savings company” which is also sometimes known as a silent PPO company.  What this means is that if you are in network with Optum but out-of-network with a number of companies Zelis works with, then you will be paid at the Optum contracted rates rather than the out-of-network rate for the carrier under contract with Zelis.  A list of all companies that this would apply to is included in the summary document below. 

Optum Zelis Out-of-Network Savings Program Summary 

All Optum contracted providers are automatically included in this “Zelis Out-of-Network Savings Program” but you can choose to opt out of it and remain in Optum’s network.  To do so you would send a letter on your office letterhead requesting to be removed from the program either by fax to 888-626-1701 or mail to:

Optum Provider Data Management
P.O. Box 1459
MN 103-700
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1459

You should also be able to request the opt out through your provider portal at

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to clarify that you want to opt out of the Zelis Out-of-Network Savings Program but that you want to remain IN network with Optum (if that is what you want).