NEW JERSEY PUBLICATION OF THE ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY CHIROPRACTORS WINTER 2020IVOL. 16INO. 1THE ANJC HAD ANEVENTFUL 2019 TO WRAP UP THE DECADEThe association invested in a public education campaign Triad Healthcare processing errorsAetna acknowledged directed to state and school retirees regarding their bene- that the transition from Triad to NIA resulted in claims processing errors and delays and reprocessed all impacted to their access to chiropractic and other important healthclaims.Pre-authorization processing errorsAetna acknowledged that the transition from Triad to NIA resulted in claims completed and earned their licenses after the ANJCprocessing errors and delays, resolved the issues and reprocessed the claims with interest.NIA Portal IssuesClaims that were denied for no physicians by applying thermal, sound, light, electricalauthorization after the NIA website/portal indicated that no modalities and hydrotherapy.They also may instructauthorization was required were reprocessed.and monitor rehabilitative activities and perform manual muscle tests, general orthopedic and neurologic tests, Issues with Aetnas physical medicine utilization review matrix, and functionality and outcome assessment tests.Having licensed chiropractic assistants helps DCs save time, improve services to patients and increase the bottom linealso were resolved, thanks to the ANJC leadership meeting of their practices. with DOBI.And of course, most notably, the ANJC was instrumental in all of its continuing education credits in-house, savingpreserving patients access to care by launching an email campaign that resulted in more than 200,000 emails being practic College for processing.Additionally, those CEUssent to state legislators urging them to discourage the pairing of Horizon, the states largest insurer by far, and American tion, and transcripts are always available for viewing,Specialty Health Networks (ASHN) to oversee physical downloading and printing from members ANJC onlinemedicine services. The pairing ultimately was denied by the \x14\x0e\x05\x0c\x03\x0f& Department of Banking and Insurance, and ASHN subsequently The association also was instrumental in several major insurance matters that will ensure New Jersey chiropracticWhat will a new decade bring?patients have access to the care they need.Rest assured that in the new decade, the ANJC will continue Aetna for a number of processing issues: New Jersey.practice strategies