Heather Garcia takes it personally that chiropractors have to fight constantly for insurance reimbursements they are due. “I really took it as a vendetta,” she said of her work in a chiropractor’s office years ago, where she mastered billing and coding. “I saw how badly they were getting hurt financially and thought, ‘This is just not fair.’” The better she got at it, the more requests she got from other chiropractors looking for help. She started moonlighting and getting more and more referrals. By 2005, it made perfect sense to start her own business. With her husband, Daniel, working behind the scenes, the Garcias launched Smart Healthcare Solutions in 2005. Based in Harrington Park, NJ, the company has grown into a nationwide provider of not only billing and coding services, but busi- ness solutions, office staff training, virtual office support for phones and scheduling, and even durable medical equipment. And now Heather has signed on with the ANJC as a Premier Supporter, our highest level of sponsorship. Smart Healthcare Solutions joins Davis, Saperstein & Salomon as Premier Supporters. “I want to help my chiropractors in New Jersey. It really comes down to wanting to support the ANJC and our doctors so they can get paid what they are worth without having to fight every day for every penny,” Heather said. “I think this is going to be helpful to us and to them.” ANJC Executive Director Amy Boright Porchetta, CFRE, added, “We are thrilled that Heather and her team at Smart Healthcare Solutions have stepped up to support the ANJC as well as our membership with this exclusive, high level partnership. Heather’s knowledge is unparalleled; that coupled with her willingness to fight for chiropractors (Continued on Page 10) TM NEW JERSEY PUBLICATION OF THE ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY CHIROPRACTORS WINTER 2018 I VOL. 14 I NO.1 1-800-LAW-2000 www.dsslaw.com New Jersey and New York Injury Lawyers Smart Healthcare Solutions Becomes ANJC Premier Supporter Daniel and Heather Garcia with their booth at the 2017 ANJC Fall Summit.