b'NEW JERSEYPUBLICATION OF THE ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY CHIROPRACTORS SUMMER 2021IVOL. 17INO. 3ANJC Teams up with Jersey Cares to Collect School Supplies,Promote Backpack SafetyWe areJersey Cares is a nonprofit organization and an affiliate in the pleased toPoints of Light network.It recruits and engages volunteers announceto address community-identified needs and organizes drives that the ANJCfor school supplies, coats, diapers and Halloween costumes is partneringamong its other initiatives. with JerseyEach year, thousands of New Jersey children attend their Cares tofirst day of school without basic educational tools such as collectbackpacks, notebooks, and calculators, and these under-re-backpackssourced children struggle to succeed academically.Jersey and schoolCares works with dozens of schools, childrens shelters, and supplies forcommunity centers to try and prevent any New Jersey child under-re- from experiencing a first day of school without these basic sourcednecessities, and to lessen New Jerseythe burden on classroom teachers.childrenMake sure straps are snug and heavier items are The National Center forIS THIS BACKPACKloaded in the bottom of the bag.from now till Aug. 6th.We encourage all of our membersIf a backpack is in the yellow or red zone, check Education Statistics says for items that can be removed and left at homeTOO HEAVY?to participate by collecting in your own offices, and haveor school.Perhaps have the child carry a heavy 93% of public school book or water bottle in their arms instead of the arranged regional drop-off spots throughout the state. backpack.teachers dip into their Remember to check the weight periodically, own pockets, spending an as items tend to accumulate throughout the With all New Jersey schools reopening for in-personschool year!learning this fall, the ANJCs PR Committee decided aaverage of nearly $500 a backpack safety initiative would be timely and relevant inyear to fill needs in their this unprecedented school year.For the past several years,classrooms.Some 15 million U.S. children live in we have participated in television and radio PSAs regardingBrought to you by the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors, extreme poverty and cannot primary care professionals for spinal health and well-being. backpack safety.This year, Jersey Cares will be featuring anFor more information or to nd a chiropractic physician afford the back-to-school near you, please visit www.njchiropractors.comANJC infographic in each backpack they fill and donate, supply list.with a goal of 3,700 backpacks.The infographic not only I feel that it is imperative will provide important information on how students canthat we support these avoid pain and injury when returning to classrooms, but students in reaching their full potential, said ANJC PR will also refer students and their families to seek care from Committee Chairman Dr. Andreas Skounakis.I wanted an ANJC member chiropractor through our public site: to support an organization which has the same values, www.njchiropractors.com. culture and ideology as all our members of the ANJC.I [ BACKPACKS CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 ]'