One of the most frequent requests from our members has been for health insurance options available through their membership in the ANJC. The ANJC is proud to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Medova Healthcare to offer our members exclusive access to their line of Lifestyle Health Plans. Medova Healthcare partners with chiropractic associations all over the country to provide innovative, and often much more affordable, health plan options for members. Medova estimates that their proprietary plans, only available through their member associations, may be significantly lower than small business options on the open market. Chiropractic associations working with Medova have reported members saving $3,000 to as much as $12,000 a year on their family’s health insurance premiums. Medova offers 16 unique Lifestyle Health Plans in four categories that offer a variety of options based on your needs and preferences. The Healthy Choice series of plans offers lower deductibles with a 20 percent coinsur- ance once the deductible is met. The Healthy 100 line covers 100 percent of covered services after the deductible is met. The Healthy Value plans provide the most premium savings with a 50 percent coinsurance after the deduct- ible. The Healthy Consumer plans are qualified HDHP (high deductible health plans) designed for use with a Health Savings Account (HSA). These plans have higher deductibles as required to be compatible with an HSA, but do cover 100 percent of covered services once the deductible is met. Deductibles can be reduced by as much as $500 per year through the Healthy Rewards Wellness Program. Due to the outstanding historical claims experience related to chiropractor groups, they will write group plans for as few as two participants. Spouses working within a chiropractic practice may also qualify on their own to establish group coverage. The ANJC is thrilled to meet this long-standing need of our membership and save our members, their employees and families thousands of dollars each year. You can sign up for plans now. We anticipate plans going into effect as of June 1, 2018. Application forms and instructions will be available on the ANJC website for your convenience. You may fax completed forms to: Attn: Joseph Herren and/or Mark Ritchie, fax number 316-616-6161. If you have questions, please contact Lifestyle Plan at 833-202-6495 for assistance from a dedicated chiropractic benefit program member. 1-800-LAW-2000 New Jersey and New York Injury Lawyers YOU ASK, WE DELIVER! Health Insurance Plans Now Available to ANJC Members TM NEW JERSEY PUBLICATION OF THE ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY CHIROPRACTORS SPRING 2018 I VOL. 14 I NO.2