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Kennedy KDT-655 Neural Flex Decompression Table with Pelvic Drop
MTD4000 Mettler Traction Head. KDT Cervical Device w/Core RB Cervical Cushion. Max Relax Face Cushion, KDT Axilla Posts (pair), KDT Carpal Strap, Slip Stops (set of 2), KDT Ankle Bolster; Belting System (Thoracic Belt, Extender, Pelvic Belt); also Versa Quickeaze Pelvic Belt Dual Buckle/Open (4 Pelvic Belts in 1) Features: Bolster-less leg elevation with pelvic tilt, Simultaneous patient & table Y-axis distraction, Patient Tensioning Reactive Orthopedic Spring, Upper Section pivots, Lateral Motor Mount, Grab Bars, Retractable/adjustable armrest, Prone inversion cushion.
(98” Long, 28” Wide) (May qualify for ADA 50% tax credit. Check with your Accountant) $8,500 OBO