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This Anatomotor has been in my office since I began here in 1995. I believe the previous doctor bought it new in 1977. The serial # is 77-6333. It's still going strong, never had any problems. Heat and vibration both work.
It is an olive color with a tan cover and tan pillow. It comes with both the regular cervical traction halter and also the cervical traction device that eliminates pull on the chin. It also has the leg roller attachment, but no pelvic harness.
My office is in Warren Twp. It should be fairly easy to move the table from the treatment room to the front door.
I am not able to upload pictures here but I'm happy to email the pictures if you're interested
Call Dave Schlingloff at my cell (908) 616-3427 or office (908) 754-9580.