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CIGNA-ASHN Class Action Information

Postcards regarding the $11.75 million settlement of the CIGNA-ASHN class action lawsuit have begun reaching class members.  As such, the ANJC wants to provide what you need to know.

 Who is included in the Class?

Class members include all out-of-network chiropractic providers who provided clinical services to a CIGNA plan member, whose claims for reimbursement of such services were subjected to the ASH policies or practices as part of the claims review or benefit process, and where some or all of the claim was denied.

 What do I have to do?

You do not have to do anything.  If you are part of the class as defined and wish to accept the settlement as reached you will receive a pro rated portion of the settlement based on the amount of your effected claims relative to the entire class.

  1. If you accept the settlement and do not OPT OUT, then you are surrendering any rights to pursue your own legal action against CIGNA or ASHN on these matters.  If you wish to OPT OUT and preserve your right to your own legal action on these claims you must contact the settlement administrator to request exclusion no later than July 10, 2019.  You can reach the settlement administrator at, by email at or by phone at 1-888-208-9083.
  2. You can stay in the class but dispute your estimated payment by submitting a request in writing and providing evidence of the total claims for reimbursement of clinical services which were subjected to the ASH polices or practices as part of the claims review or benefit determination process where some or all of the claim was denied.  You would also contact the settlement administrator for this.

For more information on this settlement, contact information for the settlement administrator and the attorneys involved as well as the full court documents please visit the settlement administrator website at

The ANJC will continue to provide pertinent updates and/or additional details as they become available.