Cadaver Lab: Anatomy of the Spine and Review of Commonly Co-Managed Orthopedic Conditions

Gino Chiappetta, M.D. 

Jordan Kovacs, DC


Comprehensive Error Rate for Chiropractic Services & Required Medicare Documentation

Richard Healy, DC, CCSP

Colette Caba and Liz Henry from Novitas Solutions

Maximizing Patient Outcome Through Effective Communication and Education: 

Mastering Proper Documentation & Successfully Transitioning all Patients to Maintenance Care

Lori Allen 

Nutritional Therapies to Elevate the Innate Response

Ann Allworth, PhD


Understanding the Five Primary Kinetic Chains for Clinical Assessment and Application

Alan C. Smith, DC, FICPA


Lumbar Spine Testing and Treatment

Antonio Pugliese, DC, CCSP


Dynamic Adjusting of the Lumbo-Pelvic Spine

David I. Graber, DC, DACBSP



Finding & Fixing Ankle Problems in Athletes & Everyone

Christine Foss, MD, DC, DACBSP, MSed, ATC, ICCSP


Soft Tissue Treatments of the Hip

Gregory H. Doerr, DC, CCSP, SFMA