Unity in New Jersey

ANJC Unifies Six NJ Chiropractic Organizations!
In a historic first, six New Jersey chiropractic associations have united in forming the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors (ANJC). This precedent-setting organization is designed to forcefully protect and promote the NJ chiropractic profession and its patients. Over the course of five intense months, six organizations came together to develop an innovative organizational model that equally represents the various chiropractic perspectives of each organization. 

The new ANJC will initially consist of the combined membership of the Central New Jersey Chiropractic Society (CJCS), Council of New Jersey Chiropractors (CNJC), Monmouth Ocean Counties Chiropractic Society (MOCCS), New Jersey Chiropractic Society (NJCS), Northern New Jersey Chiropractic Society (NNJCS), and Southern New Jersey Chiropractic Society (SNJCS). In a concentrated effort to protect and promote the NJ chiropractic profession, these six chiropractic organizations have agreed to unify their legislative, regulatory, and public relations efforts and consolidate all membership dues. With the days of multiple competing NJ chiropractic organizations behind us, all NJ chiropractors can now join the unified ANJC so that numerous initiatives benefiting the chiropractic profession and its patients can be vigorously pursued.

The dilemma facing the NJ chiropractic unity effort was to develop a workable organizational model that would allow differing chiropractic factions to openly express and support widely disparate chiropractic viewpoints within the constraints of a single Board of Directors. During months of long rancorous meetings, the near impossible task of unifying the actions of dissimilar organizations slowly began to evolve. The primary breakthrough in the unity process was the recognition and acknowledgement of all organizations that “unity” was not synonymous with “merger.” While four of the organizations chose to dissolve themselves and merge, the CNJC and NNJCS (Northern) chose to remain independent organizations and retain their unique heritage. The objective was then to establish a single organizational structure that allowed each organization, whether independent or merged, to be equally represented. To that end, the structure of the new ANJC is a marvel of faith and compromise.

The final solution was to divide NJ into five equally represented “Regions,” with all members being placed into one of the five Regions. Four of the “Regions” will be based on geography, with ANJC members assigned to a specific Region based upon the legislative district of their work or home address (at the member’s option). All ANJC members will also be entitled to choose membership in a fifth “Statewide Region” that will be composed of CNJC members. The “CNJC Region” will represent traditional subluxation-based chiropractors opposed to paper reviews of chiropractic care, MD/DC practice structures, and manipulation under anesthesia (MUA). Each of the five Regions will elect three members to serve on the ANJC Board of Directors to form a 15 member ANJC Board. The breakdown of the Regions will be as follows:

Regions Legislative Districts

  • Northeast Region 28, 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40
  • Northwest Region 16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
  • Central Region 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 30
  • Southern Region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • CNJC Region Statewide (All Legislative Districts)

The new ANJC will first form an 18 member transitional Board, in which each of the original six organizations will appoint 3 members to the new ANJC Board of Directors. The transitional Board will serve for 18 months, during which time the logistics of meeting locations and dates for each of the five Regions will be established. A formal election process will also be developed during this time whereby all members of each Region will be able to run and vote for all positions in their local Region as well as ANJC President and Vice President. Each of the five Regions will establish a Regional Board; its duties will include coordinating local meetings and events for members in its Region, disseminating information and updates on ANJC initiatives and progress, nominating members to its Regional and ANJC Board of Directors, and preparing its members for future nominations. 

After 15 months, general elections will be held in all five Regions for positions including Regional Board of Directors and Regional President and Vice President, Regional Representatives to the ANJC Board of Directors, and ANJC President and Vice President. The newly elected ANJC Board members will assume their positions on the 18th month thereby creating a 15 member Board of Directors. All ANJC members will be eligible to run or vote for all Regional Board positions in their Region including Regional Representatives to the ANJC Board, and ANJC President and Vice President.

Membership dues for all organizations and Regions will be standardized to $450 per year with various discounts and payment options available. All dues will be sent to ANJC headquarters and consolidated together to fund ANJC initiatives. A small portion of all dues will be utilized by each Region to run its local meetings and events. Although members will only be assigned to one of the five Regions for voting purposes, all members will be entitled to attend the meetings and events of any other region. ANJC members will either be assigned to a geographic Region based on their home or work address at the members option, or choose to be assigned to the statewide CNJC Region. 

The ANJC represents New Jersey’s best hope to bring renewed vitality to the NJ chiropractic profession. With a strong membership the ANJC has been able to hire the finest Executive Direcor, lobbyist and attorneys to represent the NJ chiropractic profession. With the support of NJ chiropractors, the ANJC has been able to initiate lawsuits against abusive and discriminatory chiropractic practices by insurance companies, initiate legislation granting patient access to chiropractic care in workers compensation, work towards gaining insurance parity with other providers, and take a strong stand to protect the chiropractic subluxation from Physical Therapists posturing to take over our profession. For all those chiropractors that have been waiting for Unity before joining a chiropractic organization, your wait is over!

Whatever Your Chiropractic Perspective or Beliefs, THE TIME TO JOIN THE NEW ANJC IS NOW! The ANJC is committed to actively representing all NJ Chiropractors and Chiropractic Patients regardless of chiropractic orientation. We New Jersey chiropractors are over 3000 strong in number! With the combined support of each of us, the ANJC will become the Premier State Chiropractic Organization in the Nation and we will soon boast Numerous Victories in Chiropractic Legislation, Regulation, Patient Access and Insurance Equality!