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PIP Update

by Matt Minnella, ANJC Director of Insurance & Regulatory Affairs

The New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance (NJDOBI) has proposed some new PIP regulations on which comments are being received until February 22nd. There are parts that could affect chiropractors. 

First, it is proposed that the NJ PIP fee schedule be adjusted for inflation on a biennial schedule in alignment with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (to be found at: To account for inflation since the last fee schedule update in 2011, it is proposed to increase the current fee schedule by 4.4 percent.  

Second, it is proposed to raise the limit for “on the papers” arbitrations from $1,000 to $2,000.  Arbitrations below the threshold would be decided by a dispute resolution professional based on documents submitted by the parties, and no in-person hearing would be held.  NJDOBI estimates that the new threshold would apply to approximately half of all arbitrations currently submitted.  The department expects this will make the arbitration system more efficient and reduce automobile insurance premiums in the state.  

The ANJC is preparing to submit comments to the department on the proposed changes.  We will advise if or when the changes are officially adopted. 

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