Doctor Needed In Cherry Hill NjAre you looking for ways to help your patients by determining  medical necessity and efficacy of your treatment care and your bottom line?

I have run a business doing NCV testing in the past and find that its still the gold standard in nerve testing.

In the insurance climate today you need to document the necessity of care. Since I do not work on a percentage basis  there is no conflict of interest. I do not receive compensation per test but per 4 hour segment am or pm on a Tuesday or Thursday  

I receive a flat rate.I also provide an examination and consultation prior to the test to determine chiropractic necessity and if so may  schedule the patient for a future date if applicable. 

It may be ideal to coordinate an M.D. or D.O. to do the E.M.G. if its determined to be medical necessary and work out a rental agreement in your office which may off set  NCV cost.

Please be aware of traveling testing companies adnNJ state regulations for mobile testing. I am NOT a testing company but your employee.


Charles Ferrante,D.C
201-888-1419 cell

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