How many times may CPT code 97035, application of modality to 1 or more areas; ultrasound, each 15 minutes, be reported if treating 3 body areas, such as neck, wrist, & knee, on same date of service?

If a patient is fitted for orthotics on 11/13 is it okay to bill the office visit as 11/13 and then bill the orthotics as 11/14?

I recieved a letter from a company called Sunera that claims it is performing audits for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and requests copies of patient records?

Can a Chiropractor licensed in New Jersey hire a Nurse Practitioner to work for them?

Do Insurance carriers generally reimburse treatment specifically for scoliosis?

If you perform a service or use a modality knowing that it is not covered, do you have to report it as a charge to the insurance company?

How long must we keep patient files?

What is the difference between "self-funded" and "fully funded" insurance plans?