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New PIP Uniform Appeal Forms and Process - Webinar

As previously advised, the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) is instituting a uniform appeals process for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims.  This new uniform appeal process will be in effect as of April 17, 2017.  Any appeal submitted after this date must follow the new process.  This is NOT based on date of service of the claim, but rather the date the appeal is filed.  There are specific forms that need to be filled out for pre-service appeals and post-service appeals.  There are also changes to some of the timely filing guidelines for these appeals. 

Jeffrey Randolph Esq., General Counsel to the ANJC, has created a webinar explaining the changes and new process.  Below you will find a link to this webinar as well as links to the NJ DOBI PIP webpage and direct links to each of the newly created appeal forms.

ANJC’s New PIP Uniform Appeal Process Webinar

Pre-Service Appeal form:

Post-Service Appeal form:

NJ DOBI PIP homepage:

(Excel versions of both forms are available here)